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With our bespoke listing template we create for you, you can list even easier than ever before!

Our intuative system allows you to enhance your listings without having to touch a piece of code!

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Intuative System
Easy to Customise
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Some of our Features

Editable Areas

Create a listing enables you to add content without any coding knowledge at all. Simply click on an editable area and you can type into a text box or upload a photo to show within your listing template. We have full selection of tools to help you create the best possible design and descrptions. The image gallery allows up to 4 photos which will be shown in a click to enlarge gallery. With our easy to use editor you know exactly what is required to edit and the features allowed.

Global Areas

The global areas are a custom feature unique to premium customers. Anything within the Global Areas section edits all active templates created with Create a Listing. For example you can have a contacts / about us / opening times section at the bottom of your listing template, once updated in the website it which will update every single listing instantly. You can even update advert banners showing your latest promotions. This feature is amazing for keeing your listings up to date on a regular basis and prevents having to re-edit listings regularly.


We have enabled a feature for any gallery images to have a specific watermark on them for copyright purposes. This is optional and doesnt have to be enabled but is a great way to keep your images your own. It is also possible to even promote your company branding through these watermarking fields.

Feedback Widget

We have created a eBay compliant feedback widget which will update as feedback comes in. This can be used both on your listing template and eBay store. This is no normal bog standard looking feedback widget and instead a one which shows your achievements off in a friendly way.

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